Clinical Studies

Over 50 studies have been performed using 3D-SHAPER® since inception of 3D-DXA technology in 2011. As the technology was fine-tuned and the product developed to ease its use outside University Research Departments, studies investigating clinical data started to expand worldwide.
An overview of published and presented clinical studies is available in the next sections as well as the following website:

Note: in most studies, the authors evaluated 3D bone parameters as assessed with 3D-SHAPER® and compared them to the ones previously published in the QCT literature. This approach contributes to cross-validate the ability of 3D-SHAPER® to provide accurate bone measurements from standard 2D images, and therefore, put valuable information at the disposal of researchers and clinicians worldwide and on important amount of data – with the possible retrospective analysis of scans performed since the 1990’s.

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