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Clinical Application of 3DDXA Technology

Explore clinical studies incorporating 3D measurements of cortical & trabecular bone,
as assessed with 3D-SHAPER® Software

3DDXA Technology History

What if every single patient could benefit from the highest bone imaging technology with no addition of radiation?

What if physicians could benefit from the most accurate bone measurements using their available clinical practice device?

How to close the gap between advanced/research and clinically available tools?

This is the goal our team has pursued for years to develop 3D-SHAPER® software – exploiting 3DDXA innovative imaging technology – to optimize currently used tools without changing clinicians’ and patients’ bone examination protocols.

What is 3D-SHAPER®?

3D-SHAPER® is a medical imaging software solution that provides a 3D analysis of the cortical and trabecular bone from a standard Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) scan to help physicians improve patients’ management and monitor age- and treatment-related bone changes.

It is a unique application that provides valuable bone measurements – segmenting cortical from trabecular bone – from standard DXA images. The innovation lies on the fact that it re-uses scans performed routinely for bone exploration, and can therefore be applied to any patient and to any precedingly analyzed cohorts. It can be of great value for both researchers and clinicians in the field of bone health.

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What about 3D-SHAPER® Clinical Applicability?

3D-SHAPER® provides a 3D visualization of the hip and measurements of cortical and trabecular volumetric densities from a standard hip DXA scans. It is commonly recognized that assessing cortical and trabecular bone is key to determine bone strength and its likelihood to fracture . Revealing such information at an early stage in routine patient’s bone evaluation is extremely useful for patient management, as it gives an in-depth understanding of individual bone structural strength.
In short, 3D-SHAPER® allows physicians to:
• Perform radiation-free 3D bone exploration
• Measure cortical & trabecular volumetric density
• Measure cortical thickness
• Enhance individual bone health assessment
• Monitor response to pharmacological treatments
• Further explore existing DXA cohorts
The application of 3D-SHAPER® and added-value of characterizing both cortical and trabecular bone has been investigated in various clinical contexts.






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